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How to add/deduct store credit from customers?



To maintain the cash flow and good customer experience, CreditsYard provides you the opportunity to add or deduct store credit from your customers in a very easy, simple way to reduce loss of returns in revenue and increase customer retention.

This store credit can be used on other purchases once customers login to their customer account on the store or on POS.



Method #1:


  1. Go to App > Customers page

  2. Search for the customer in the search bar using their email, name or tag

  3. Click on Adjust Credit button (Or open the customer profile page)


  • You can now add or deduct the amount you want as shown below.

  • You can also add a reason to remind yourself or the customer what the issued store credit for.

  • CreditsYard can send your customer a notification email if you checked the “Send a notification to the customer” box.

Method #2:

From “Shopify admin” go to “Customer profile” then click "More actions" > "Issue store credit" button.

It will open the customer profile page on the app directly, where you can check customer's activity or add/duduct store credit to the customer.