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How to allow customers to buy store credit?


In this guide, we will show you how to allow your customers purchase store credit through normal checkout/payment method and get store credit added to their wallet automaticlly that can be used on futrue purchases.

This can be used to allow customers fill their wallet or pre-perchase credits at a discounted amount (optional).


  1. Create a new product on your Shopify store

    I named the product “Buy store credit with 10% off” and set its price to $90, as screenshot below:

  2. Go to App > Cashback page, click on "Create action" button from top right

  3. Create cashback action on the app with reward value equals or greater than the product price

  4. Select the product that customers need to buy to get the cashback reward

That is it! Customers can now add the product to their cart and checkout using normal Shopify payment method, then they will get store credit automatically added to their wallet to use in future purchases.