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Cashback settings


You can control the offered cashback by disabling it on store credit orders, restricting cashback actions to paid orders only, reverting cashback added for canceled orders or setting a cashback actions limit per order.


1- Go to App > Settings page.

2- Head to Advanced Settings > Cashback Settings.

3- After enabling the preferred options, click “Save” button.

  • Disable cashback actions on store credit orders: If this option is enable, It will not issue cashback to customers if they use their previous store credit in the order
  • Restrict cashback actions to paid orders only: This option is used if you have cash on delivery (COD) payment method and you want to not issue store credit towards these orders
  • Revert cashback added for canceled orders: If order was canceled, It will revert the cashback previously issued to the order
  • Set a cashback actions limit per order: Set a limit to how many eligible cashback actions can be issues to the customer at the same order if the order is eligible to multiple orders